A&A Consultants, Inc. (A&A) provides testing and inspection services on the North Shore Connector Project. The Port Authority of Allegheny County has implemented the construction of a 1.6 mile extension of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) system connecting the Golden Traingle in Downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore of the City.

The Project will extend exisiting LRT service from the Gateway Center LRT Station in the Golden Triangle to the vicinity of the West End Bridge on the North Shore via a tunnel beneath the Allegheny River.

A&A is responsible for providing concrete and steel inspectors to perform on-site testing. A&A concrete inspectors are present during concrete placements to insure that proper procedures are followed.

A&A also provides concrete laboratory testing that includes breaking concrete cylinders that were molded during each placement. The compressive strength of the cylinders is tested at various time intervals, 3-days, 7-day , 28-day ,etc. Other testing service that we have provided include but not limited to, core sampling, proctors, petro-graphic examination, gradation, tension testing, moisture content and specific gravity.

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