This project involved the design of a directional ramp from S.R. 28 South bound near the Heinz Plant, to I-279 Southbound. The concept eliminated the need for three traffic lights by realigning two lanes to pass under the railroad structure in order to tie-in with I-279 Southbound. This resolved level of service issues as well.


The design includes a simple span structure from SR. 28 over Madison Avenue Connector and a two-span curved girder structure over I-279 and the I-279 HOV lane (under I-579).


Our services included geotechnical, hydrology/hydrulics (H&H) , roadway and structural engineering. Our innovative approach to the use of alternate fill material allowed us to use shredded tires as fill materials. The benefits of using “tire shreds” for embankment fill is in providing an environmentally sound method of disposing of a persistent waste product and supporting “Green Design” principles. This project demonstrated that waste tires can be disposed of in a safe and economical manner. Additionally the superstructure was utilized from existing material at a Department stockpile allowing the span length to increase thus allowing abutments to be shortened in height and allow the District to appreciate substantial costs.


A&A was awarded the 2009 ASHE Pittsburgh Outstanding Highway Engineering Award for this project.

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