About Us

A&A Consultants, Inc. (A&A) Founded in January of 1996, is a highly
qualified, multi-disciplined engineering firm that strives to provide
sustainable, cost effective services to private firms, government
agencies, and large corporations. We specialize in multiple fields
of civil engineering including, but not limited to: Structural,
Geotechnical, Construction Management, Inspection, and


ASHE Outstanding Highway Engineering Award

A&A Consultants was honored to receive the Pittsburgh ASHE “Outstanding Highway
Engineering Award” for SR 4023 Tarrtown Road Bridge.
This reflects our outstanding ability to invent, accomplish
and overcomechallenges in a cost-effective manner.

Our Mission

A&A Consultants Inc. works to provide quality engineering and technical services that meet or exceed our client's expectations in a prompt, cost effective, and professional manner; furthermore, building a trust for future partnership.


2019 Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania

Employee Comments

A&A is a great place to work. There is a family-like atmosphere in the office. Those in management set goals for the employees and the employees work together to accomplish the goals set. The projects we have offer diversity in types of work and in location. The Company continues to add new employees in a variety of disciplines. We have also recently expanded, opening offices in additional locations. The benefits offered by A&A are very good and the Company is generous in their participation, both in health care and 401K. All these things make A&A a great place to work and I feel that A&A will continue to be a strong company and an excellent place for its employees to work. - A&A Employee

Having been a professional in the workplace for many years, I have worked for companies that would NEVER consider an employees' circumstances and/or personal issues BEFORE their own profit. A&A Consultants, Inc. above and beyond cares for its employees. It's a company with a culture that simply puts its people FIRST! I highly recommend A&A to anyone who has the skills, training an dedication to perform consistent quality work. You will be treated fairly, you will have a voice to someone who truly listens to your point of view. And you will be overwhelmingly surprised at the fringe benefits package offered. A&A Employee

Employee assignments at A&A are flexible with regard to starting and stopping time and/or working in the office or the field. Employees who are frequently assigned field assignments are allowed to be their own boss, set there own hours, and be responsible for there work. New office locations, new people, and a variety of projects, all these factors lead up to a great place to work. A&A Employee